Looking at the wall of shadows-a new miniature watercolour

I've just come back from Nepal and have spent a lot of time looking at a massive wall of shadows. Jannu's north face.
I was in the valleys around Kanchenjunga in the far north east of the country, on the border with Sikkim to the East and Tibet to the North. A few high passes were crossed, the weather was kind, company great. The Himalayan giant Kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain in the world was impressive. However, it was this lesser peak , a meer 7710 m that really stood out to me . Its official name is Kumbhakarna, locally it is a sacred mountain and is called Phoktanglungma which means mountain with shoulders. However, most people refer to it as Jannu I,m glad I,ll be gazing at its north face a little bit longer. After a few days of frustration with blue sky I've started on the mountain itself.