Work in progress 2

See the progression of my most recent paintings.

Looking at the wall of shadows-a new miniature watercolour

I've just come back from Nepal and have spent a lot of time looking at a massive wall of shadows. Jannu's north face. ...more

Getting to know the face

jannu north face 2nd sketch
It,s an impressive wall. The rock on the main wall is paler than the dark rock lower down. ...more


third sketch
In at the deep end. There are some deep cornices of snow in the central corner/ramp. ...more

Scary slopes.

4th jannu
Its hard to imagine anyone being able to scale these slopes and survive. The lack of oxygen at altitude, the deep snow with the risk of avalanche, the cold. ...more

Back to gneiss

Lower down the mountain, below the snow line, on the glacial moraine vegetation starts to establish itself. ...more

Lots of boulders

The glacial moraine, is made up of loose rock debris that eventually stabilise and the plants can then take hold. ...more

Final painting

Jannu North Face-"The Wall of Shadows."
Jannu North Face, Nepal Also known as " The wall of shadows." ...more