Work in progress 1

See the progression of my most recent paintings.

A new start -a new watercolour

Its been a while, but I've started painting again. ...more

Further progress -after probably six sessions.

I,m trying not to dwell too long on the birds. Which is difficult for me to do. I usually like doing very detailed, accurate pictures. However with this image, I trying to focus on the flight or jizz of the lapwings , rather than the detail on feathers ect. ...more

Nearly there.

The birds are finished but I,m still not happy with the winter sky. It will be difficult to adjust, now that the birds are painted but I think they can be improved on , even at this late stage. ...more

Lapwing in flight -finished watercolour painting.

I had to tweak the sky. But I think its an improvement. The finished painting- Lapwings in flight. For more information and to see the finished painting in greater detail go to the "Birds" gallery. ...more